Do You Suffer From Dirty Brain? How Americans Across The Nation Are Fighting The Cause Of Poor Sleep!

It is has been described as “The Fight To Destroy Dirty Brain.” Groundbreaking techniques are using the body's nutrients to fight the cause of poor sleep.

The discovery was sparked by groundbreaking research from the National Institute of Health indicating that a healthy amount of sleep is essential for the brain to flush out toxins build up during the day. That toxic buildup can cause cognitive issues, like a deterioration in hand-eye coordination and frayed emotions. The study’s finding seemed to confirm what British researchers who studied 10,000 British civil servant found in 2007: individuals who cut their sleep from seven to five hours a night nearly doubled their risk of death from all causes.

The Impacts Of Poor Sleep Happen Immediately And Get Worse Over Time

The problem is that many people may be suffering from dirty brain and not even realize it. By some estimates, about 70 million Americans of all ages suffer from chronic sleep problems. However most people feel as though they have adapted to the change even as their mental alertness and physical health continues to decline.

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Most sleeping aids don't address the underlying cause of bad sleep, but VitaSleep PM was specifically formulated by Dr. Bron to supply the nutrition your body needs to sleep.

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This movement has adults of all ages - getting the best rest of their lives!

“Since joining this online community I get to sleep faster, I stay asleep, and I feel rested in the morning” - Tony

After the research went public, scientists and medical experts have been searching for solutions to poor sleep. However, most solutions deal with the symptoms (like drowsiness and inability to fall asleep) instead of the root problem. That was until one doctor began to treat poor sleep by replenishing the nutrients the body naturally creates.

Dr. Bronner Handwerger is an expert in the field of Preventive and Integrative Medicine. He became obsessed with finding a remedy for sleeplessness while treating professional athletes, former marines, and high-powered executives from his clinic in Southern California. After mountains of careful research, Dr Bronner and his team crafted a product with a unique blend of herbs and nutrients that deepened sleep and raised energy levels - VitaSleep PM is so effective because, unlike most sleep products on the market, it regulates healthy levels of GABA in the brain. Without GABA the neuroreceptors in the brain become frayed, causing people to feel spun out during the day, and too stressed to sleep at night.

People All Over The World Are Discovering Deep Sleep For The First Time.

Getting that consistent night after night restorative rest is about giving your body the nutritional building blocks that makes sleep possible naturally. - Dr. Bronner Handwerger

As I researched the movement thoroughly, it became obvious what was at its core--a revolutionary new supplement called VitaSleep PM. It’s an exclusive blend of natural ingredients from Central Asia, Germany, South America, and the Mediterranean Basin that provide incredible effects safely.

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VitaSleep PM has been shown to:

VitaSleep PM unique blend of ingredients Includes:


A natural sleep inducing compound that promotes low blood pressure and reduces symptoms of anxiety. For centuries Valerian has been one of China's best kept secrets.


While most known for flavoring ales and beer, this bitter yellow flower supercharges the relaxing properties of valerian. Additionally, there scientific research has shown that hops increases relaxation and lowers anxiety over time.


This flower, indigenous to the midwest, helps regulate GABA in the brain and act as a long lasting anxiety reducer.

Passion Flower

Clinical trials show that this flower, combined with valerian, helps insomniacs fall asleep faster and reduces sleep interruptions at night.

Proprietary Formula

VitaSleep PM's proprietary blend includes a mix of amino acids and GABA designed to reduce the fraying of neuro transmitters and GABA receptors that happens with lack of sleep. It also includes calcium and P5P designed to increase REM sleep and improve sleep/wake rhythms.

Does VitaSleep PM Work?

Ever since VitaSleep PM hit the market, praise has been pouring in. We wanted to know what was hype and what was reality. That was when we came across Stephanie's story.

"A few months ago I was a wreck. I was tired all the time and no longer felt rested in the mornings... That constant cloud of tiredness is done. I feel like I've recovered the old me." - Stephanie

Stephanie's History:

As a mother of two, Stephanie was constantly drained. Like anyone in her situation, she tried various fixes: coffee during the day and sleep medications during the night. But the coffee just worsened her anxiety and the sleep medications made her groggy during the day. With little or no improvement, she started hunting for a more concrete solution to her problems. After hearing about Dr. Bronner's remedy She became convinced that trying an all natural approach with VitaSleep PM was the right route for her.

Week 1:

After receiving the package, Stephanie tried VitaSleep PM that night. In just the first day, Stephanie said that she was already enjoying her first full night of sleep in months. Unsure if it was just a placebo, she continued to take VitaSleep PM.

Week 2

After a week Stephanie said she felt like her old self again. Before she had often spent whole weeks anxious and strung out for no clear reason. After taking VitaSleep PM, she felt calmer than she had in years. She told us that she hadn’t realized how stressed she had been until that anxiety disappeared.

Week 3

Two weeks in, Stephanie reported that she has been able to sleep soundly for ten straight days for the first time that she could remember. She says the best part is that when she wakes up she doesn’t feel groggy, but feels better and fresher than ever!

Her Results: At the time of writing, Stephanie takes VitaSleep PM daily. She said that she feels more engaged with her children and husband. Stephanie not only saved thousands of dollars on doctors visits and therapy sessions, but also said she feels more alive that she has in a long time.

Since it was released there has been a frenzy of people seeking out the product. We suggest you try it for yourself; the results are real. If you aren't 100% satisfied with the results return the bottle and pay nothing with VitaSleep PM's "Empty Bottle Guarantee".

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Offer Backed Up With Dr. Bronner Handwerger's Industry Breaking Empty-Bottle Guarantee

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